Thursday, March 28, 2013

my sad story

asalamualaikum I'm afifah wan and this is my blog

I started blogging in 2012 but this is my new blog. ok am I a simple girl. I love the picture. I want to be a photographer. yeahhh it sound good right but my father could not afford to buy the camera. so sad right. I now use a camera handset. although I can use the handset camera to take photographs.

I like selca. wherever I go for a ride I must pose. hehehe this is my hobby. style like model though I'm not as beautiful as you all. this day I felt bored so I write in both English. very difficult for me to want to speak in both English. wahh in my class we all have to speak in both English. very sad huhuhu.

muka sedihhh
today I am a little sad because my dad sick. he very severe fever. I was in village so I can not take care of my father. although I always fight with my father, but I love my father. I promise I will listen to my father. I want my father to heal faster. huhuhu

my dad

this is my sad story. I hope all read and take it as a lesson. love your family. sorry if the story is not interesting. bye see you soon

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