Wednesday, March 27, 2013

black and white

asalamualaikum cinta,

this day PAH wanted to tell about the black and white pic. who said black and white pic nie not charming? black and white peach flavor PAH manawan heart PAH. hehehehe. this day PAH wanted to tell the English Language. all of a sudden going to be a minah salleh.

difficult to speak in both English. very difficult to speak. but thanks to google translate. ok PAH has started ridiculous. hohoho. black and white picture is very interesting. ok PAH show it.

ok PAH is not pretty. hahahaha please vomiting. PAH feel like awesome. the black and white pic this much interest. it can relax your brain. hahha what PAH wrote even do not know.

this pic PAH most like to see. it so beautiful and interesting

ok sampai disi sajalah pah menulis. kalau salah bukan pah yang menulis goolgle translate yang salah. hehehehe. got to go. bye see you later.

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